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Snowcross Pec pod Sněžkou

Welcome to our website This website was created on the occasion of event held 14. 1. 2012 in Pec pod Sněžkou: snowmobile race – snowcross. I have decided to organize this unusual race on the base of 10-year experience with these machines. Another factor to organize the race was massive growth of sport scooters and the interest of that not just in Czech Republic, but also abroad, especially in Slovakia, Poland and Germany, where the race has been traditionally held. Although there are not many possibilities to train, for racers it is amazing experience and adrenalin to take part in such race.

A little bit about the race, rules of the race and experience from last years:
Racing circuit is about 1 – 1,5 km long, there are many various jumps, slides and banked turns. There is mass start (up to 20 machines). The race is divided into 3 categories according to engine capacity.
1. Category: hobby – for beginners
2. Category: up to 600 ccm – intermediate racers
3. Category: open plus – advance racers with much experience

It is very young sport in Czech Republic so there is no category of professionals even so it is very attractive, as you can see at photos and videos. In the future we are going to create category Junior for young perspective racers.
Race lasts 10 min plus 1 round in the categories Hobby and up to 600 ccm and 12 min plus 1 round in the category open plus.

Recently we have managed to approach our neighbours (SVK, POL, GER), who hold such events. About the terms and places we will inform you at our website.
- Race Zubrohlava, race director Rasťo Supek, Mário Balcierak
- Race Králíky, race director Rado Žubor
- Race Klokočov, race director Rudo Jarabica
- Race Sayda, race director Kay Moris Walther

We all prepare for you in winter 2013 – 2014 in each region at least one race.

You can register to our club Snowcross team. After registration approval you will be placed to website as a member and you will get a club card. By e-mail you will be regularly informed about all events. With the club card you will get a discount for starting fee, discount for accommodation, access to VIP zones, discount for spare parts and equipment etc.
Another advantage of the website is, that you can buy or sell the machines here.

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